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Folder Password Lock Free 1.2

This app allows you to hide any file or folder on your system completely
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Folder Password Lock Free

This is a lightweight yet powerful application that allows you to hide any file or folder on your system in a secure way. You can use this tool to protect any number of files and folders from unwanted access. For extra protection, the first time you run the program, it will ask you to set a password – you will need it every time you wish to lock or unlock your protected data, and even to uninstall the tool.

The installation of the program, however, may become a chaotic process for novice users. The executable tries to install at least three third-party tools. You will need to be very careful if you do not want them on your system. Anyway, once the installation finishes, the program works as expected.

Folder Password Lock Free offers an uncolored and dull interface, though a very elegant one. Basically, it allows you to add to a special panel all the folders and files you want to hide. You can achieve this by using any of two methods – drag-and-drop or clicking on the "Add Items" button. You have other buttons that will help you to remove individual elements or to clear the entire list very quickly. Besides, you can select and lock or unlock in one click only some of the elements in the list. There are also buttons to select or deselect all the elements on the list at once.

The program will display a toggle-switch next to every file or folder on your list. Just click on it to hide or show the corresponding element – it is that easy. Once you hide an element, it totally disappears from your system. You will not see it even if you configure your system to show hidden and/or system files and folders. However, the program can be configured to show all the hidden elements whenever you run it and provide the corresponding password, and to hide them again when you close the app. Of course, you can change the password whenever you want.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Hides files and folders even if your system is configured to show hidden files
  • Allows you to provide a password to lock or unlock files and folders
  • Can be configured to show/hide files and folders when you run/close the program, respectively


  • The installation process tries to install at least three third-party tools
  • Uncolored interface
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